6 Ways Social Media Helps People Help People

6 Ways Social Media Helps People Help People

I think in the midst of all the political content that has been released since the presidential campaigns and presidential election, we have lost sight of some of the things that makes social media great. This article gives a brief, but meaningful overview of how social media has a positive influence on our lives. The ideas are simple: spreading love, connecting with others, giving charity, etc. It provides many links to inspiring articles of how people have proactively helped people in trouble through social media.

We’ve seen how successful social media has been in bringing people together to support a cause. Take the ice bucket challenge, for example. Yes, the video was funny to watch, and people undoubtedly enjoyed nominating their friends to the same fate. But we also know that people were inspired to help. Nominees could have claimed to donate but then not continued to follow through with their promise. However, the campaign ended up raising over $115 million (http://time.com/money/4000583/ice-bucket-challenge-money-donations/). Not only did people raise money, they helped raise awareness by bringing the typical searches for ALS from 500 to 68,000 in one month.

Even when social media seems unbearable and negative, we should remember the positive influence it can have.

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Facebook Works to Combat Fake News

Since this year’s election, fake news and its impact on the world has become a huge issue. Specifically, Facebook has gotten a lot of backlash for their handling of the issue. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is working to combat this “misinformation.” One of the biggest hurdles is that much of the misinformation is driven by financially motivated spam. Despite this, Zuckerberg and his team plans on “raising the bar for stories that appear in related articles under links in the News Feed,” using mainly software to accomplish this. The main steps Zuckerberg laid out include stronger detection, easy reporting, third party verification, warnings, related articles quality, disrupting fake news economics, and listing. The post on his Facebook that detailed these steps received mostly positive sentiment, but some people feel reads should just corroborate their news sources on their own. Broadly speaking, the fake news epidemic on Facebook shows how much Facebook has evolved from its onset, beginning as a tech-rented company into a complex media platform.


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Social Media Gone Wrong For Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams


Even though this article was gossip, I believe it is also interesting how social media can go wrong very easily and happens quite often. In class, we talk about all of the great benefits of social media and having a social media presence. We never really talk about how there are so many issues with social media and how social media can actually harm so many people like this celebrity.

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The Top 7 Social Media Trends That Dominated 2016


This article was very interesting because it was a basic summary of the trends that were very popular in the social media industry. Some of them were new and others were old but overall the changed the social media world in 2016. The most interesting one was Snapchat Stories. I feel like I have snap stories for so long but it was only this year that it was implemented. Since then, it has taken off as one of the most important parts of snapchat. You are able to see your friends and what they are doing and has become a vital part of company and friends social media presence.

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Don’t Quit Social Media. Put It to Work for Your Career Instead.


This article is an interesting take on social media and the professional world. It is in response to another column posted in the New York Times titled “Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It.”

In the past decade, social media has become a huge part of our culture. Traditionally, people entering the workforce were told to hide or delete their social media accounts so that current and future employers would not be able to view them. Gillooly recommends instead of hiding or quitting social media, users need to use it to their advantage. He also says that quitting social media may actually have a negative response in the professional world since it is essentially “as important as your résumé. Social media use is now a standard of the hiring process, and there’s little chance of going back.”

I wanted to share this article because the topic is something extremely relevant to us as we enter the workforce and it is different than the usual opinion we are told about social media.

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Social Media as a Way of Communication


The article begins by saying how social media is no longer an option for businesses, but is now a requirement because social media is a means of communication. It discuses how in 2017 social media is going to be focused on high impact and live streaming. It references Donald Trump’s social media campaign, “#makeamericagreatagain” and how this was so successful. The article discusses some different methods that will be implemented in 2017 to further the success of social media. One example is live streaming. Facebook is investing a lot into Facebook Live to provide users with immediate content. They can use live streaming for event excitement and marketing, product placement and shoutouts. Furthermor, the article provides businesses with other options to more effectively use Facebook and other social media sites to better market themselves.

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The Power of Weak Ties


This article discusses a topic that we discussed extensively in class, which is the power of weak connections. A recent John Hopkins study found that only one in every six new jobs that participants reported had been found through strong connections, such as friends, co-workers, or family members. The other 83 percent originated from those “weak ties” connections. This article suggests that the three strategies for strengthening your broad network of these loose connections is to seek out “centers of influence”, bridge the gap between virtual and real, and re-market the impressions you’ve made. This article is very prevalent for us as we prepare to enter the workforce, for it is clear that our online acquaintances could be great people to build relationships with that may benefit us in the futur

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What Celebrities Can Teach Businesses About Social Media

When it comes to building a personal brand, celebrities provide a capstone study for how to differentiate among a sea of others. Celebrities provide more than just selfies on social media. They can teach companies valuable information about building their brand on social media in a strategic way. Deepa Seetharaman of the Wall Street Journal joined “Lunch Break” with Tanya Rivero to discuss what celebrities can teach businesses about social media. The main findings of the article are as follows:

  1. Every platform is different
  2. Don’t disappear
  3. Keep tabs on your followers
  4. Don’t be overly promotional
  5. Craft a narrative

Abiding by these seemingly simple rules can help businesses increase their social media presence and following.

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Influencer Marketing Hit the Mainstream in 2016


The above article features a report conducted by content marketing agency Linqia on influencer marketing in 2016. The agency reports that influencer marketing has gone “mainstream,” citing that 94% of surveyed marketers said that influencer marketing was an effective part of their overall marketing strategy. This report seemed relevant to our class discussion surrounding Instagram influencers and laws requiring the disclosure of sponsored content. As companies continue to incorporate influencer marketing into their online marketing strategies, it will be interesting to observe how they chose to respond to regulations requiring them to make consumers aware of sponsored content, and how this may impact consumers’ perception of these posts. I believe that with this increase in influencer marketing, consumers will become increasingly suspicious of posts by influencers, thereby reducing the efficacy of online sponsored content.

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Snapchat’s subtle dominance over social media outlets as a information source

Weeks ago, Snap Inc., Snapchat’s parent company drafted documents for a public offering valued at $30 billion, one of the biggest public offerings in years. Snapchat’s subtle takeover has officially surpassed that of Twitter making it one of the most widely used methods of social media. Despite this, Snapchat has yet to receive widespread acknowledgement as a credible and effective source of information. When comparing the usefulness of Snapchat, in terms of value of information, to other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, one could make the argument that Snapchat is more effective. It has come to light, especially since the Presidential election, a noticeable increase in the amount of false reports appearing on Facebook newsfeeds. Similarly, Twitter’s purpose, or lack there of due to the 140-character restraint, has become fundamentally irrelevant. With Facebook being a potentially unreliable news source and Twitter’s questionable efficiency, the question of what social media outlet will next dominant as an information source, comes to mind. Snapchat has the ability to capitalize on this opportunity and transform this untapped market. The article describes how Snapchat is changing the social media industry by “pioneering a model of social networking that feels more intimate and authentic.” It removes the stigma of ‘hiding behind a screen’ by showing real-time events and lets users add personal opinions. It allows people to be more direct and decisive over social media because it is inherently private. This seeming contradiction allows users to be social in a real and honest way. Snapchat can revolutionize the news industry by giving everyday people the power to report in real time. In order to successfully execute this idea, Snapchat needs to become more user-friendly for older consumer segments. If executed properly, I think Snapchat could further increase it’s value, having the potential to increase its initial public offering.

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