Could Snapchat Actually Replace Youtube?

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I think this article is very relevant to our class viral assignment. It discusses the differences between the 2 social media platforms, Youtube and Snapchat. It talks about how Snapchat can beat Youtube by reaching consumers faster because it creates “a sense of urgency and increases engagement”. Personally, If I was trying to make something go viral just among my peers and friends, it would be easier to get them to watch a Snapchat video instead of a Youtube video. Snapchat is one of the hottest social media platforms and is expected to continue to grow and be a great way for celebrities and marketers to reach audiences.

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3 Responses to Could Snapchat Actually Replace Youtube?

  1. Daniel Mochon says:

    I think that the issue with Snapchat is that it is probably better than YouTube for reaching your peers. However, as we saw, your peers can only get you so far, and it is unclear how effective Snapchat is at reaching beyond your immediate social network.

  2. nsimon5 says:

    I think both Snapchat and Youtube are great platforms. However, I think each platform works to serve a different kind of group but also overlaps. SnapChat is a more personal platform and exposes people that you are “close” to experiences in your life. Whereas, Youtube is used to share less personal items. I personally believe that Snapchat won’t replace Youtube due to the differences of its uses and the circle of people who use it.

  3. mheld says:

    I think they are two very different platforms. This article is very interesting. But, no one will go on snap chat on their phone to watch a 20-minute video. Also, Youtube has the searching ability and you can find what you want, rather than on snap chat where the content you see is primarily carried by friends.

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