6 Great Social Media Campaigns


After just finishing our final project on social media campaigns, this was an interesting article to see about some of the best campaigns in 2017. The article explains why they were successful and how they generated a response.

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When working on our final project, I came across this article. These 5 social media campaigns were extremely effective and reached a huge audience, some are still talked about today. I think that all of these campaigns struck some emotion, whether being funny, kind, or about something you love, which is what made them go viral. In order for a campaign to succeed, it must have a meaning behind it that hits the average person’s heart in some way or another.

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How This Mom Hits 7 Figures a Month Using Social Media.

I found this article to be really interesting. As quoted in the article, “If you’re really smart with it, you can build an audience that’s so captive and loves you and loves everything you do and buys everything you sell.” I completely agree with this statement. I personally follow so many  people that have become famous through being creative and building an audience on social media, whether its with their kids, business, etc.  This specific entrepreneur uses the tactic of posting 5 or 6 fun posts for every 1 product post, so that she is not too aggressive.

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Unethical Marketing


Something that struck me in this class is our discussion on marketing as it relates to ethics. We college students live in a fascinating time where marketers and companies have reaches and capabilities beyond our wildest imaginations. How would you know that a woman is pregnant just based on her internet searches? Would it then be ethical to go ahead and take that info to advertise certain items to make a profit? While I could go on endlessly about this topic I just wanted to share a Forbes article about ethics in marketing that includes some of the topics we have discussed as well as some other topics that are very interesting.

Technology is an amazing thing but where do we draw the line in terms of the capabilities we give companies to watch us on the internet and make business decisions from that?

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The Future of Twitter

I thought this article went perfectly with our discussion of Twitter in class. It is hard to say whether or not Twitter will or will not exist in the future, but I think this article does a pretty good job of detailing the pros and cons of Twitter. It is interesting to note that many brands do not consider Twitter to be as “sexy” as Instagram or Snapchat. Twitter does not create social media “stars” and its advertising does not bring in as much revenue as other social media platforms.

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11 Predictions on the Future of Social Media


As the semester comes to an end, I find it fascinating to look into the future of social media. This article, “11 Predictions on the future of Social Media” is a constant reminder to me that our lives were not centered around constant streaming services and that there was once life without social media. To many, this is a crazy thought. The most fascinating part of this article to me was that experts believe that in years to come, social media will be integrated into every single aspect of our lives and that we will feel like we are a part of a science fiction movie.

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7 of the Most Impactful Digital Campaigns of 2017… so far


This semester we have talked a lot about what makes a video go viral. These digital campaigns have all gone viral and made an impact on society in 2017. My favorite one of these campaigns is the Heineken social issues video (second one in the article). Heineken shows consumers that it is okay to have differences from one another, and it is still possible to get along. 2017 has been a year full of hatred amongst strangers and people who are different from one another. So many men and women of different statures have been shamed or attacked and are taught to dislike and disregard people of different beliefs. Heineken uses their platform to bring people together. This digital campaign also caused me to wonder if it would have had the same effect if it had been produced in America. Is #OpenYourWorld something that Americans would be receptive too, or has our judgment been too far clouded?

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Ethics of Marketing to Children

We recently talked about ethics in online marketing. One of the issues that we did not touch in depth was marketing to children. I find this topic interesting because it is a grey area, not only in online marketing but marketing in general. Are rules enough to control potential adverse marketing to children or should companies stop marketing to children at all? There are certain formal rules as the ones created by the Children’s Online Protection Act that aim to protect children in this realm. From my perspective, even if these rules seem to be useful for creating a more ethical behavior in marketing to children, companies can go around them. The article “The Ethics of Online Marketing to Kids” by Macklin (2006) goes through some of these rules; one of them being: “Advertisers should always take into account the level of knowledge, sophistication and maturity of the audience to which their message is primarily directed” (para.8).  In this one, for example, one could ask who defines the level of maturity of children? Advertisers? This makes the boundaries vague for companies, and this could lead to unethical behavior. So basically, even if rules exist, the choice still lies on businesses. Other questions regarding this could be made. For example, what about the ads that are targeted at an older audience but reach children? Can companies actually control this?

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Macklin, B. (2006). The Ethics of Online Marketing to Kids. Retrieved from https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Ethics-of-Online-Marketing-Kids/1004140



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Hackers make student data public in escalating demands for ransom


With the increasing amount of information that is made accessible online or digitized, the more exposures individuals have to attacks such as these at this small school in Montana. Although this can be framed as a “small scale” attack, it is quite horrific. I can only imagine what would happen if the data of Tulane students was made public in this manner. These problems never seem real until you become apart of them, and I think that is very unfortunate. Really makes you think about how exposed you can be from online accessible information.

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10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018


This article talks about a number of different social media trends that will impact users in 2018. It suggests that features like video streaming and virtual reality will be developed, brands will utilize the newer forms of social media more, like Instagram and Snapchat, since the new user target will be Gen Z and this where this generation spends the most time. I thought this article was very interesting to learn about social media updates and to see where it could be headed next year.

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